Megan Epley
Gabrielle Luu
Michelle Lindsay
Amy Radcliffe

Megan Epley, Founder and CEO

Throughout Megan's personal and professional life, art has always been the foundational element. After receiving her degree in art history from Arizona State University, she began teaching art part-time, while also working at the Phoenix Boys Choir as the marketing and development associate. After eventually becoming a full-time reading & math intervention teacher, Megan began recognizing that the schools were missing a crucial developmental element to success, creativity. She began integrating art with her intervention groups and her students' test scores began increasing dramatically. Thus the idea for stARTem was born. 


Gabrielle Luu, Intern

From a young age, Gabrielle was known as the “crafty nerd” who could both help you with your science homework or teach you how to make an origami rose. Over the years, science became her focus academically, but personally, she began to develop her skills in photography, photo manipulation, drawing, and painting. Currently, Gabrielle is pursuing a degree in Biochemistry with a Studio Art minor from attending Arizona State University. She was drawn to stARTem because of its unique approach to enhancing STEM learning which involves presenting concepts in a more approachable and memorable light. She hopes to continue to put her experience in these seemingly unrelated fields to good use through her involvement with stARTem. 


Michelle Lindsay, Community Development Specialist

Michelle received her Bachelor's degree from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism & Mass Communication. Originally from Minnesota, she has lived in Phoenix for more than a decade. Michelle has worked as a public relations professional for large non-profit and Fortune 500 companies.  She believes in the power of stARTem to change the educational landscape in the Valley and eventually nationwide. Her passion to connect people and share their stories transpires in and out of the workplace. 


Amy Radcliffe, Teacher

Amy has a Bachelor's degree of Arts Studies from the Herberger School of Design and the Arts at Arizona State. She believes in the stARTem program because creativity is everywhere, and valuable everywhere. StARTem helps kids see how creativity and the arts plays a part in every other field, and that both science and the arts working together is what we need as a society. One of her favorite moments in the classroom, was watching a student surprise even herself with her work. She looked at her piece as she was close to finishing it and said “dang I’m gonna be proud of this!” I love watching students find pride in their work. Amy continues to create artwork outside of the classroom, working as a freelance portrait painter, taking on a variety of commissions over the years. 


Amy Winters, Curriculum Specialist

I graduated from Arizona State University in 2006 with my Bachelor's in Secondary English. After teaching middle school and high school for 8 years, I went back to ASU to get my Master's in Educational Technology with an emphasis in Instructional Design. I truly believe that using art to connect students to STEM can have a profound impact on students and teachers. My favorite moments in my own classroom were those in which students had the freedom to creatively express themselves; that is how we find our unique voice, and there is nothing more important.