Megan Epley

Megan Epley, Founder and CEO

Throughout Megan's personal and professional life, art has always been the foundational element. After receiving her degree in art history from Arizona State University, she began teaching art part-time, while also working at the Phoenix Boys Choir as the marketing and development associate.

After eventually becoming a full-time reading & math intervention teacher, Megan began recognizing that the schools were missing a crucial developmental element to success, creativity. She began integrating art with her intervention groups and her students' test scores began increasing dramatically. Thus the idea for stARTem was born.

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Kelly Iverson, Teacher

Kelly is a recent graduate of Grand Canyon University, where she received her Bachelors of Science in Sociology with an emphasis in Social Work. Kelly had an immediate interest in teaching with stARTem, after being introduced to Megan through a connection in the Explore Teaching department at GCU.

Kelly firmly believes that teaching provides the resources and help that individuals need to succeed, and the creative approach of stARTem's curriculum puts just the right exploration lens to make it effective.


Savannah Corcoran, Teacher

After graduating from ASU with a degree in Psychology and Family Studies, Savannah completed a year of graduate school at Fuller Theological Seminary. Art has always been a form of expression in her personal life.

Savannah is now thrilled to pass on that opportunity to each student that she teaches. She hopes to encourage each of her pupils in their creative abilities and form memories to last a lifetime.

She serves at Vista College Prep.

Lilli Burgy, Teacher

Lilli graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Arizona State University in May 2018. She studied the arts during her college years and became passionate about teaching the subject as great outlet for students. Lilly believes that art is relevant to every component of our lives, if we pay close enough attention.

Lilli has a background in teaching fitness classes in the Tempe area, so it only made sense to continue the learning process as a part of the stARTem classroom team!

Lilli’s favorite teaching moments happen when she is talking through project challenges with a student, and by the end of their conversation, they have problem solved the situation out together.


Kami Dickerson, Teacher

Kami joined the stARTem teaching team in Fall 2018 after graduating from Grand Canyon University. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and played on the GCU Beach Volleyball team.

Kami enjoys both sides of the learning process in the classroom - receiving and giving. She loves to instill kids with the confidence to take chances, make mistakes, and get messy.

Michelle Lindsay

Michelle Lindsay, Community Development Specialist

Michelle received her Bachelor's degree from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism & Mass Communication. Originally from Minnesota, she has lived in Phoenix for more than a decade.

Michelle has worked as a public relations professional for large non-profit and Fortune 500 companies. She believes in the power of stARTem to change the educational landscape in the Valley and eventually nationwide. Her passion to connect people and share their stories transpires in and out of the workplace.


Amy Winters, Curriculum Specialist

Amy graduated from Arizona State University in 2006 with her Bachelor's degree in Secondary English. After teaching middle school and high school for 8 years, Amy went back to ASU to earn her Master's in Educational Technology with an emphasis in Instructional Design.

She believes that using art to connect students with STEM can have a profound impact on both the students and the teachers. Amy's favorite moments in the classroom were those in which students had the freedom to creatively express themselves and find their own voice - there is nothing more important.


Meredith Parise, Teacher

Meredith joined our team in 2018 with a diverse teaching and art background that spans a few decades. She previously served as a photographer for National Geographic, and instructional aide for special education students. Meredith loves to inspire kids because of her lifetime of experience as an artist. As a grandmother of 3, she enjoys traveling and watching the performing arts